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D.O.B 16th March 2016

Silver dapple 


Gorgeous Silver dapple girl Sugarpuff had to have back surgery in January 2021, we took her to Dick White Referral who during the pandemic had strict protocol on how they could only see their patients outside as no one was allowed inside the practice. 

Sugarpuff was taken in straight away and we had high hopes for her outcome.  When i got home that evening I was pinged by the NHS track and trace, therefore i had to self isolate for 10 days having just dropped off my sweet Sugarpuff for emergency surgery!!! My dog sitter immediatley offered to colect her after surgery and leave her on the doorstep once collected. 

Sugars surgery went really well, we had plenty of calls from the vet before, during and after surgery to keep us upto speed on how she was and how she was going to recover.

She came home after two days in the hospital, politely and gratefully dropped off on my doorstep. 

It was a relief to get her home and the hard work was to begin.   I had purchased a harness and we started her wee breaks trying to get her to learn how to go number 1 & 2s with me holding her up.  She was so sweet and never complained.  She was draging her legs behind her without the harness however she was showing signs of a more dominant leg which was fantastic to see.

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned into months.  Never did this girl complain, she took it all in her stride and was quite prepared to combat her disability.  Lead walks become possible and after  4 months she was off lead and walking, skipping with the pack. 


She also had a few sessions of Hydrotherapy  which as expected she enjoyed and was a real gem of patient.x

We are so proud of this amazing young lady who has fought strong and hard to be who she is to this day.  She needs no special treatment, she has no medication to consider.  We had her spayed and as always this wasnt going to phase her and she couldn't wait to go back out on her walks. 


Sugar loves her pack family, has no issues with other dogs.  She loves to walk and run (skip) and show the world how normal she is.

Loving, cozy and affectionate is our Sugarpuff, also funny and cheeky.

Only the right family will be considered for this extra special girl to contintue her amazing life.  Someone who will stay focused on her exercise and be prepared for so much love and affection all for free.

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